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Amanda Pedersen: Paving the Way for Excellence with NATA Quality Management Certification

Elevating Standards: Amanda Pedersen’s Quality Management Certification Achievement

In a remarkable stride towards professional growth and excellence, Geotech Australia proudly acknowledges Amanda Pedersen for achieving a Quality Management Certification with the National Association of Testing Authorities in Australia (NATA). This recent certification underscores Amanda’s dedication to continuous improvement and sets the stage for a successful career in quality management.

Unlocking Potential: Amanda’s Pursuit of Excellence

Amanda Pedersen’s journey towards excellence took a significant leap with the completion of her Quality Management Certification. This achievement signifies not only a personal milestone but also a commitment to enhancing Geotech Australia’s laboratory quality management standards.

Amanda’s Expertise: Ensuring Accuracy, Precision, and Reliability

With her newfound expertise, Amanda is now equipped to ensure the utmost accuracy, precision, and reliability in Geotech Australia’s laboratory work. Quality management is a cornerstone of our commitment to excellence, and Amanda’s certification reinforces our dedication to maintaining the highest standards in every aspect of our operations.

NATA Certification: A Testament to Continuous Improvement

The National Association of Testing Authorities in Australia (NATA) is renowned for its rigorous certification process, ensuring that professionals like Amanda Pedersen undergo comprehensive training and assessment. Amanda’s successful completion of this certification is a testament to her dedication to continuous improvement and adherence to industry-best practises.

Amanda’s First Step Towards a Successful Career in Quality Management

This certification marks Amanda’s inaugural step towards a promising career in quality management and beyond. Geotech Australia is confident that Amanda’s commitment to excellence will drive further advancements in our laboratory practises, benefiting both our team and clients.

Connect with Geotech Australia: Setting the Standard in Quality Management

As Geotech Australia continues to set the standard in geotechnical services, Amanda Pedersen’s achievement aligns seamlessly with our mission for excellence. For inquiries or to experience the highest standards in geotechnical laboratory services, connect with us today.

Geotech Australia – Setting the Standard in Quality Management.



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