Talison Lithium Mine

Talison Lithium Mine

Journey back to 1888, and you will find the origins of the Greenbushes Lithium Mine as Cornwall Pit, initially developed as a tin mine. Fast forward to 1980, the landscape changed as lithium was identified, marking the beginning of a small-scale mining operation. Now, four decades later, Greenbushes has transformed into the largest lithium mine globally, aligning with the demands driven by climate change and technological advancements.

Powering the Future: Unprecedented Expansion Projects

With the surge in demand for lithium, Greenbushes has undergone significant expansion projects to meet global needs. Notable ventures include the Chemical Grade Processing Plant 3, Multiple Tailings Dams, Explosives Facility, HME Wash Down Facility, Mine Services Area, New Camp, Stanifer Road Upgrade, and various internal roads. Each initiative contributes to the mine’s status as a powerhouse in the lithium market.

Geotech Australia’s Integral Role: Nurturing Mining Excellence

Since 2020, Geotech Australia has played a crucial role in the success of Greenbushes Lithium Mine. Engaged by key players in the expansion projects, including Geographe Civil, Multiplant Holdings, Valmec Australia, B & J Catalano, Lycopodium, Hanson, and McNally Group, Geotech Australia has been at the forefront of Construction Materials Testing.

Diverse Testing Methodologies for Uncompromised Quality

Geotech Australia, through its GLS WA division, has actively assisted in Construction Materials Testing, employing a diverse range of testing methodologies. Some of the methods employed include:

  • Plate Load Testing: Evaluating soil bearing capacity for structural considerations.
  • Particle Size Distribution – Standard and Oversize: Assessing the distribution of particles for optimal processing.
  • Atterberg Limits: Analysing the soil’s plasticity and moisture content for construction practises.
  • Dynamic Cone Penetrometers: Measuring soil resistance for foundation assessments.
  • Field Nuclear Density – Nuclear Density and Sand Replacement: Ensuring accurate density measurements for compaction control.
  • Maximum Dry Density – Standard and Modified: Determining optimal soil compaction properties.
  • Moisture Contents: Assessing the water content in soil for construction suitability.
  • California Bearing Ratio: Measuring the strength of subgrade soil for road construction.
  • Maximum Dry Compressive Strength: Evaluating the compressive strength of soil for construction purposes.
  • Los Angeles Abrasion: Assessing the resistance of aggregates to abrasion for durability considerations.
  • Emerson Class and Concrete Testing: Ensuring compliance with quality standards in construction materials.

Connect with Geotech Australia: Shaping the Future of Lithium Mining

For inquiries about our instrumental role in the expansion projects at Greenbushes Lithium Mine or to explore our comprehensive testing services, connect with Geotech Australia. Together, we shape the future of lithium mining excellence on a global scale.

Geotech Australia – Precision Testing, Mining Excellence.



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