Cape Preston

Project Description: 

The Sino iron project will be the world’s biggest magnetite iron ore mine when fully operational.

They use traditional open pit mining techniques to excavate the ore, then put it through a rigorous beneficiation process right here on site, producing a high grade, premium magnetite concentrate for export from purpose-built facilities at Cape Preston.

The traditional open-pit mine, located in Cape Preston, about 100km south-west of Karratha, Pilbara, Western Australia, will produce magnetite concentrate and pellets.

Magnetite concentrate from Sino Iron, Cape Preston Concentrate, is a premium iron ore product with high grade and lower impurities such as alumina and phosphorus. Ideal for pellet making – a preferred feed in the steelmaking process – studies show Cape Preston Concentrate delivers lower carbon emissions at the energy-intensive ironmaking phase, compared to typical Pilbara hematite fines.

The open-pit mine itself is spread over more than 2.5km² in area, which is expected to triple over the estimated lifespan of approximately 30 years.


Our Role:

Geotech Australia was engaged by MACA Ltd in February 2023 for an on-site team to assist our client with compaction control testing of the Tailings Storage Facility raise, utilising Field Nuclear Density AS1289.5.8.1 and Standard Compaction AS1289.5.1.1.

Geotech Australia are 5 months into the Tailing Storage Facility raise construction program and have assisted our client with trial pads to ensure confidence in material compliance and conformity with project specifications.



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