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Soil Testing

Understand the properties of your soil for optimal foundation design and site  suitability. We specialise in Australian Standards, Main Roads WA Standards and British Standards (Plate Load Testing Only). A comprehensive list of methods

Aggregate Testing

Get accurate assessments of aggregate material to ensure the suitability for various applications. Testing includes (but not limited to)


Asphalt and Bitumen Testing

Unlock the full potential of your asphalt projects with Geotech Australia’s comprehensive asphalt testing services. Our expertise spans a spectrum of crucial assessments including coring, density, particle density distribution, stability/flow analysis, bulk density, bitumen content determination, dispersion tests and more.  with stat of the art equipment and a seasoned team, we ensure your asphalt materials meet the highest standards of quality, durability and performance.


Benefit from our expert insights and recommendations to overcome construction challenges.

Concrete Testing

Ensure the quality and performance of your concrete with our comprehensive  testing services. We specialise in Australian Standards sampling slump, cylinder casting curing and measurement and compressive strength. Need to monitor the Q&A of your specimens? Let us help with our detailed data analysis capabilities.


We conduct investigations from houses to key infrastructure projects. We also conduct pavement investigations to understand subsurface conditions and physical properties.


Discover Geotech Australia’s comprehensive engineering capabilities including but not limited to Site Classification, Piling and Foundation Works, Level 1 Earthworks Supervision, Foundation and Pavement Design and Eathworks Verification.

Remote Mobile Laboratories

Are you facing challenges with construction material testing on remote job sites or large scale projects? We understand the unique requirements of such projects and offer tailored solutions to simplify your testing process. With our Onsite Laboratory capabilities, you get test results faster, allowing you to make informed decisions promptly and reduce downtime allowing your project to run smoothly as planed.



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