Carosue Dam TSF

Delve into the heart of Western Australia’s gold-rich landscape with Carosue Dam Operations (CDO), a testament to Northern Star’s strategic prowess in the gold mining sector. Comprising the Carosue Dam Project, Porphyry Project, and Deep South Project, CDO is a beacon of success. Northern Star’s acquisition of the original CDO assets in 2006 marked the beginning of a golden era, with commercial gold production commencing in 2010.

A Global Gold Prospective Hub: Laverton and Keith Kilkenny Tectonic Zones

Situated in one of the world’s most promising gold provinces, CDO’s tenement holdings and gold deposits are strategically located in the Laverton and Keith Kilkenny Tectonic Zones. Nestled northeast of Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, this region boasts unparalleled potential for gold exploration and extraction.

A Global Gold Prospective Hub: Laverton and Keith Kilkenny Tectonic Zones

Geotech Australia proudly announces its third engagement at Carosue Dam, located approximately 150km Northeast of Kalgoorlie. Our return in February 2023 signifies a new chapter as we extend our support to our client’s Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) cell extension project.

Precision Testing for Project Success

Our on-site team at Carosue Dam has been diligently working on the TSF cell extension, providing critical testing services essential for project success. Geotech Australia’s expertise encompasses a range of testing methodologies, including:

  • AS1289.5.8.1 Field Nuclear Density: Ensuring accurate density measurements for optimal compaction control.
  • AS1289.5.7.1 HILF Rapid Compactions: Swift and effective compaction testing to meet project timelines.
  • AS1289.3.6.1 Particle Size Distribution: Evaluating the distribution of particles to meet specific project requirements.
  • AS1289.3.1.1, 3.2.1, 3.3.1, 3.4.1 Atterberg Limits: Assessing the soil’s plasticity and moisture content for robust construction practises.

Geotech Australia: A Partner in Gold Mining Success

As we navigate the complexities of the TSF cell extension at Carosue Dam, Geotech Australia remains steadfast in its commitment to precision testing and project excellence. Our role extends beyond testing; it’s a partnership built on trust and dedication to contributing to the success of one of Western Australia’s premier gold mining operations.

Connect with Geotech Australia: Shaping Gold Mining Futures

For inquiries about our involvement in Carosue Dam Operations or to explore our comprehensive testing services, connect with Geotech Australia. Together, we shape the future of gold mining excellence in the heart of Western Australia.

Geotech Australia – Precision Testing, Gold Mining Excellence.



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