Carpenters Dam

Embark on a journey into the heart of Pemberton, Western Australia, where Alterra Ltd’s vision comes to life in the form of the Carpenters Project. Spanning 300 hectares, this ambitious avocado project stands as a testament to agricultural innovation. At its core lies a monumental achievement — the design and construction of a 4.1 gigalitre dam, a crucial reservoir poised to ensure the long-term water supply security for the entire project.

Geotech Australia’s Commitment to Success: Construction Materials Testing Unveiled

In November 2021, Alterra Ltd and Red Moon Holdings sought the expertise of Geotech Australia to conduct Construction Materials Testing for the Carpenters Project. Our journey with this transformative endeavor began in season 1, where GLS WA played a pivotal role in the assessment of trial pads and material suitability for the project.

Season 2: A Flourish of Precision Testing

Commencing in September 2022, season 2 witnessed Geotech Australia’s unwavering dedication to excellence. Tasked with processing over 750 bulk samples for Particle Size Distribution, Atterberg Limits, and Emerson Class, our Bunbury Base Facility became a hub of meticulous analysis. The objective was clear — to ensure an ample supply of compliant material for the project’s success.

Onsite Mastery: Compaction Control Testing in Action

Our onsite team, armed with expertise, seamlessly integrated into the Carpenters Project. Assisting our client with compaction control testing, we employed field nuclear density AS1289.5.8.1 and HILF compaction AS1289.5.7.1 methodologies. The goal was to ensure optimal compaction and material suitability, vital elements for the project’s overall success.

Geotech Australia: Nurturing Growth, Ensuring Quality

As we navigate the intricacies of the Carpenters Project, Geotech Australia remains committed to delivering precise testing solutions. Our role extends beyond testing; it is a commitment to excellence, ensuring that every aspect of the project aligns seamlessly with industry benchmarks.

Connect with Geotech Australia: Orchestrating Agricultural Triumphs

For inquiries about our involvement in the Carpenters Project or to explore our comprehensive testing services, connect with Geotech Australia. Together, we orchestrate triumphs in one of Western Australia’s flourishing agricultural landscapes.

Geotech Australia – Precision Testing, Cultivating Success.



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