Celebrating Excellence: Charmaine Wallrodt & Tenae Odine’s

Achievement in Laboratory Techniques

A Toast to Success: Certificate IV Laboratory Techniques

Geotech Australia is delighted to extend heartfelt congratulations to Charmaine Wallrodt and Tenae Odine on the completion of their Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques. This dynamic Mother and Daughter duo have demonstrated unwavering commitment to GLSWA, consistently contributing to the company’s success.


Dedication Beyond Measure

Charmaine and Tenae’s dedication is commendable, and their commitment to delivering excellence has been a driving force behind Geotech Australia’s continued success. Both have played integral roles in assisting clients, ensuring prompt results, and maintaining the company’s high standards.


Charmaine’s Supervisory Role: Leading by Example

Charmaine Wallrodt, in particular, has recently taken on a supervisory role. Leading by example, she guides and supports our technicians at the Base Facility in Bunbury, fostering an environment where everyone can perform at their best and achieve key performance indicators (KPIs).


Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques: A Milestone in Expertise

The Certificate IV in Laboratory Techniques equips individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to perform various laboratory techniques, conduct tests, and handle sampling across diverse industry sectors. Charmaine and Tenae’s achievement is a testament to their commitment to continuous improvement and dedication to Geotech Australia’s mission, vision, and values.


Special Thanks to Lab Tech Training (LTT)

We extend our gratitude to Lab Tech Training (LTT) for their unwavering support in assisting Charmaine and Tenae to achieve their qualifications. Completing their certificates merely 20 days apart, Charmaine and Tenae have enhanced their laboratory skills and gained additional knowledge, aligning with Geotech Australia’s commitment to excellence.


A Step Towards Continuous Improvement

Charmaine Wallrodt and Tenae O’Dine’s accomplishment not only reflects their individual success but also marks a significant stride towards the continuous improvement and excellence that defines Geotech Australia.

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