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Geotech Australia Proudly Sponsors Diamond Bay Motorsport:

Accelerating Excellence on the Track

Revving Up Local Talent: Geotech Australia’s Sponsorship with Diamond Bay Motorsport

In a thrilling collaboration that brings together passion for speed and a commitment to excellence, Geotech Australia proudly announces its recent sponsorship establishment with Diamond Bay Motorsport. Hailing from Bunbury, this local-owned and operated sprint car team is making waves on the track, with talented driver James Inglis leading the charge.

James Inglis: A Driving Force for Success

At the helm of Diamond Bay Motorsport is the exceptionally talented driver, James Inglis. His skill, determination, and racing prowess make him a standout figure in the sprint car racing scene. Geotech Australia is thrilled to support James and the entire Diamond Bay Motorsport team as they continue to push boundaries and showcase the best of Australian sprint car racing.

Professionalism in Motion: The Diamond Bay Motorsport Team

Geotech Australia recognises and commends the professionalism exhibited by the Diamond Bay Motorsport team. From meticulous preparation to flawless execution on the track, the team’s commitment to excellence mirrors Geotech’s own dedication to precision and accuracy in geotechnical services.

Holiday Action: Geotech Australia Cheers on Diamond Bay Motorsport

Over the holiday break, Geotech Australia had the pleasure of witnessing the Diamond Bay Motorsport team in action. The roar of engines, the adrenaline-pumping races, and the display of skill and strategy left a lasting impression on our team. It was an exhilarating experience that solidified our pride in being associated with such a dynamic and accomplished sprint car team.

Best Wishes for the Road Ahead: Speedweek and Beyond

As Diamond Bay Motorsport continues its journey, Geotech Australia extends our heartfelt best wishes for the remainder of Speedweek. We are particularly excited about the upcoming East Coast trip, where the team will compete in the Australian Title and Grand Annual Sprintcar Classic, both held at Warrnambool, Victoria.

Connect with Geotech Australia: Accelerating Success Together

Geotech Australia is more than a sponsor; we are enthusiasts, cheering for the success of Diamond Bay Motorsport. For those who share our passion for speed, precision, and excellence, connect with us today. Geotech Australia – Accelerating Success on and off the track.

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