Unlocking Excellence: Geotech Australia’s Kalgoorlie Facility Now Open

Embarking on a New Chapter: Welcome to Geotech Australia’s Kalgoorlie Facility

In a momentous stride towards enhanced testing capabilities and client service, we are thrilled to announce the official opening of our Kalgoorlie Facility. Geotech Australia’s newest facility in Kalgoorlie is poised to redefine precision testing, offering a comprehensive scope covering soils (ASM/MRWA Methods), aggregates (ASM/MRWA Methods), and concrete (AS Methods).

Precision Testing in the Heart of Kalgoorlie

Situated in the heart of Kalgoorlie, our new facility is strategically positioned to serve the dynamic needs of the mining and construction industries in the region. Whether you require meticulous analysis of soils, aggregates, or concrete, Geotech Australia’s Kalgoorlie Facility is equipped with cutting-edge technology and expertise to meet and exceed your testing requirements.

Meet the Leaders: Steve Radford and Cameron Beggs

At the helm of our Kalgoorlie Facility are industry veterans Steve Radford and Cameron Beggs. Their wealth of experience and commitment to excellence are the driving forces behind the facility’s operations. Steve and Cameron, along with our dedicated team, are ready to collaborate with you on your testing needs, providing unparalleled precision and reliability.

Services Offered at Kalgoorlie Facility

  • Soils Testing (ASM/MRWA Methods): Rigorous testing methods for accurate soil analysis.
  • Aggregates Testing (ASM/MRWA Methods): Comprehensive analysis ensuring the quality of aggregates.
  • Concrete Testing (AS Methods): Precise testing methodologies for concrete quality assurance.
  • Engineering:┬áDiscover Geotech Australia’s comprehensive engineering capabilities including but not limited to Site Classification, Piling and Foundation Works, Level 1 Earthworks Supervision, Foundation & Pavement Design, Earthworks Verification.
  • Consultation:┬áBenefit from our expert insights and recommendations to overcome construction challenges

Contact Us Today: Your Partner in Precision Testing

Ready to unlock the full potential of Geotech Australia’s Kalgoorlie Facility? Contact us today at (08) 9707 1561. Our dedicated team is eager to discuss your testing requirements and provide tailored solutions to ensure the success of your projects.

Join Us on the Journey to Precision and Excellence

Geotech Australia’s Kalgoorlie Facility is not just a testing center; it’s a hub of innovation, precision, and excellence. Partner with us as we navigate the path to success in the heart of Western Australia’s mining and construction landscape.

Geotech Australia – Precision Testing, Unleashing Potential.



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