Tailings Storage Facility

Discover the heart of Western Australia’s landscape with the Solomon Hub, an open cut iron ore mine located located approximately 60km North of Tom Price. This impressive venture is fully owned by the renowned Australian Mining Company Fortescue Metals Group. Fortescue Metals marked the commencement of operations at the Firetail deposit of the Solomon Hub in May 2013, establishing a significant production capacity of 72 Million tonnes per annuum. With an expected life span of 20yrs, the Solomon Hub is testament to Fortescue’s commitment to sustainable resource development.

Stages of Development: Firetail and Kings Deposits

The development of the Solomon Hub mine unfolds in 2 stages. The initial phase encompasses the development of the Firetail deposit and Kings deposit. Additionally, it involves the construction of a 120km rail spur, connecting the Port Hedland mainline to the Solomon mine, facilitating seamless transportation of iron ore.


Geotech Australia’s Strategic Involvement: Tailing Storage Facility Expansion

In December 2020, Geotech Australia joined forces with B&J Catalano to play a vital role in the expansion of the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF)  for the Solomon Hub. The TSF stage 1 & 2 sprawls across 88 hectares, featuring the Tailings Storage area, embankment wall and a recovery pump.


Precision Testing for Facility Success.

Our on-site team, dedicated to excellence, has been actively supporting our client with an array of testing services crucial for the success of the TCF expansion. Geotech Australia’s expertise includes:

  • AS1289.3.6.1 Particle Size Distribution. Assessing the distribution particles for optimal Facility design.
  • AS1289.3.1.1, 3.2.1, 3.4.1 Atterberg Limits: Evaluating the soil’s plasticity and moisture content for robust construction practises.
  • Compaction Control Testing: Utilising Field Nuclear density As1289.5.8.1 and Standard Compaction AS1289.5.1.1 for optimal compaction control.

Geotech Australia: A Partner in Mining Excellence.

As the Solomon Hum expands, Geotech Australia stands as a committed partner in the journey. Our role goes beyond testing, its a testament to our dedication to precision and the success of one of Western Australia’s prominent mining projects.

Connect with Geotech Australia: Shaping the Future of Mining.

For enquiries about our role in the Solomon Hub expansion or explore our comprehensive testing services, connect with Geotech Australia. Together we shape the future in Mining Excellence in Western Australia.

Geotech Australia – Precision testing, Mining Excellence.



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